Monday, March 26, 2018

Data and Tools

All these resources below are publicly available for researchers around the world. Feel free to contact us for questions/issues/comments.

  • Cell BLAST: a large-scale integration & searching algorithm for massive heterogeneous scRNA-seq data.
  • GLUE/CLUE for multi-omics integration and regulatory inference.
  • SLAT for aligning heterogeneous spatial slices across various conditions, platforms as well as modalities.
  • LocExpress: estimating expression of novel transcripts across multiple tissues and cell types in real time.
  • CPC2: Coding Potential Calculator, version 2, the CPC1 is also available.
  • RibpCalc: Modeling RNA Coding Ability quantitatively.
  • AnnoLnc: on-the-fly analysis for novel human long noncoding RNAs(lncRNAs).
  • RefLnc: a comprehensive annotation for human long noncoding RNAs(lncRNAs).
  • LOST & FOUND for calling loss events for protein-coding genes.
  • PlantTFDB : Plant Transcription Factor Database, a portal for the functional and evolutionary study of plant transcription factors.
  • PlantRegMap : a portal for the regulation data and analysis tools in plants.
  • ATRM: a database for Arabidopsis transcriptional regulatory map.

Meanwhile, we also make several powerful computing and data integrating infrastructures we developed freely available to the community, as both open source toolkit and public Webserver.

  • GSDS: a gene feature visualization server.
  • WebLab: a multifunctional bioinformatics analysis platform integrating diversified tools with unified, user-friendly web interface.
  • ABrowse: a customizable next-generation genome browser framework.
  • ABCGrid: a Java-based lightweight Application of Bioinformatics Computing Grid